About Us

NETCAST LLC is formed in the United States of America (USA) which was founded in 2021 by an asian entrepreneur to make online communication and collaboration easier for the people who meets online. Video conferencing and online webinars has become popular since 2020 and new work from home tools and platforms has been vastly introduced since then and became very popular among the consumers for virtual meetups and over the internet collaboration. With NETCAST, you could provide your service online and simply attract your niche audience with minimum effort and could spread your word over the platform easier than ever. Also, the consumers are offered several ways of making online experience better such as: online payments made just in time directly to the meeting host without any effort, simpler to find content with interest quickly over the platform, make connections between other consumers and interact, etc.

NETCAST has a vision with high market potential for the decade since 2020 and beyond that to fulfill our consumer needs in this digital era. We highly focus to serve our customers who used to work from home (WFH) or work from anywhere (WFA) where the people needs to maintain their social status online while collaborating with partners over video conferencing.