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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of NETCAST Online Events ?

NETCAST is made for collaboration, connecting people like you who enter the platform for the same purpose, and maintaining your character and status in the digital world. We work hard towards getting it better and better every single day to make your digital life easier and more practical.

How can I share an Event with my existing audience ?

Once you create an Event, you could send invitations to your audience via various ways of sharing an Event. A created Event is allowing participants to be added to the List of Invitees by identifying each of them by their unique email address. You could also add participant email addresses which are not yet registered with NETCAST.

When a participant receives the invitation as an email or a NETCAST App notification, they will be redirected to the Event once they click on the link. An invitation link is only shared externally via email with the recipient. An invitation link is only valid for the user account with the email address the invitation link was originally generated for. Therefore, if the Event Organizer sends 100 invitations for an Event to 100 participants, 100 different invitation links will be sent to the invitees. A particular invitation link is not sharable with anyone else out of the List of Invitees.

Do the new participants have to Sign Up before entering the Event ?

Yes, signing up on NETCAST is very easy and could take just a few seconds of your time. If you have a Google/Facebook account, we have the Sign up/Log in with Google/Facebook option which lets you in within a few clicks, and you could edit your profile later on. These short steps could take your Event participant inside the room very quickly.

How to Pay quickly to the Event Organizer right before joining the Event ?

Do you have a Free version of NETCAST ?

Nope. We only deliver set of features most suitable for the professionals who need to organize any type of online events and our Basic Package has a reasonable pricing for the beginners and then could upgrade to Pro Package once they need more room capacity to the Events they are willing to publish.

What costs the Event Organizer to receive a payment from a participant ?

How many participants can join an Online Event ?

The number of participants allowed for an Event created by an organizer depends on the currently active Package of the event organizer. The Basic Package allows up to 100 participants, and the Pro Package allows up to 1000 participants. Once the Basic Package is not enough for an organizer, upgrading the Package from Basic to Pro is just a few clicks away.